Missions Projects Coordinator

Bag Hunger is going well, with 6,078 pounds of food being donated so far. Amazing! Currently 39 churches/groups are participating. We are also beginning to have mission groups come to central Ohio to help our churches. 
Who could coordinate and organize all of that? Who could also be an encourager to each church/person who is participating? 

Tracy Breeckner!  

Tracy is now our Mission Projects Coordinator for our association! Tracy and her family are active members of FBC Lancaster (Pastor John Beckett). She has a long history of missions/volunteer involvement and a vibrant love for the Lord. She was also recognized as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the entire state of Ohio for the National Guard. She brings a lot of energy, a very high level of organization and a passion for the things of Christ to this position. Tracy will be calling/connecting with our churches who are participating in Bag Hunger. When she calls/contacts you, know that Tracy is an important part of our associational work and someone I am grateful God sent here. 


Bag Hunger is one way our churches help needy people in central Ohio by providing food through the food pantry of Stowe Mission of Central Ohio. The bags are provided to churches and each bag includes a list of “most needed items”. A church will then distribute the bags on a Sunday morning, encouraging people to fill them and return them to the church. The filled bags are then picked up by us, taken to Stowe Mission’s food pantry, and then given to people who may not be eating if it were not for that food, all as a way of showing/sharing Jesus Christ to/with those folks. If this would be a good fit for your church’s ministry, send a note to tracy@metrocolumbus.org.

God is doing wonderful things in our midst. All honor and praise go to Him.