Thoughts from Dr. Rich:

MCBA creates churches who change culture. As you know, culture is a by-product of our beliefs and our behaviors. When we encounter Christ, our heart changes. That encounter permeates everything we do and who we are. That means our behavior changes…towards our families, in our vocations and our neighborhoods, including sharing Christ with others. When others around us experience the same transformation, the impact increases so that our lives and our living spaces, the way we do things, changes. This integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior becomes different because the people in it are different. That is our focus as an association. It comes through increasing the impact of our local churches and starting new churches…all creating and re-creating themselves to be more like Christ and to affect more for Christ.


Metro Columbus Baptist Association creates churches who change culture through resourcing churches, networking churches and planting churches.


This year, we have seen the following churches begin their journey with us:


  1. Tek Dharnal – First Agape Church in Columbus

  2. Mohan Sunchiuri – Bethel Church of Columbus

  3. Aaron Taylor – Living Hope/Powell

  4. LifePoint Westerville – Ed Traverse

  5. C3 ‘Burg – Jimmy Bailey in Wheelersburg

  6. Red de Vida – Hector Fernandez

  7. Green Meadows BC, James Haggy, in London

  8. The Bridge - Scott Gibson, in Heath


Stowe Mission is a focal point of our resourcing efforts. Stowe exists to give gospel hope and restoration to people facing hardships. It is your inner-city ministry, if you are one of the churches who supports MCBA or Stowe directly. It is the practical, actual fulfillment of Matthew 25 in the 14th largest city in the United States of America.

In 2016, Stowe provided 103,199 meals to needy people. It also saw 488 patients through the Dental Clinic, 98 patients in the Vision/Eye Clinic, 435 people in the Mobile Medical unit, 52 mental health patients and 56 others through other medical outreaches.

Three churches meet on-site: Stowe Church, Laotian Church and Fresh Start, a church designed for registered offenders.

This is in addition to the Outreach Ministries: block parties, tutoring, school supply giveaway, coats/blankets distribution, Christmas Toy Chest Give-away, our Pregnancy Resource Center and Jobs Program.


Stowe is a great place to connect the gospel to practical, hands-on help, day in and day out. Upwards of 800 volunteers a month know that.

To connect, or if you haven’t seen the new Stowe logo, check out www.stowemission.org.

                                                God bless,
                                                      Dr. Rich